Jessica Schuler

Jessica Schuler

Jessica Schuler

Vice President | Marketing & Communications


Jessica Schuler serves as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Marsh McLennan Agency, where she has been making significant contributions since joining the organization in 2022. In her role, Jessica is dedicated to developing and executing a comprehensive growth strategy while enhancing overall customer engagement and experience.

Full Biography

Jessica has been a dynamic force in the insurance and financial services industry for over 20 years. Her extensive experience and customer-focused approach continue to drive success and innovation at Marsh McLennan Agency. Her marketing philosophy is a driving force behind her success as one of the top marketers in her field.

Share a meaningful piece of advice you’ve received.

Early in my career an executive told me they got where they were by, “Catching balls they had no business catching.”  I really took that to heart.  Everything leaders you admire are great at today, they once did for the first time and probably didn’t feel ready.  You can’t let being afraid to fail stop you from getting outside your comfort zone and taking on new things.  Give it a try and find out what you’re capable of!

What do you love most about our workplace culture?

I have loved the entrepreneurial culture at MMA. Anyone with a good idea is encouraged to explore it and give it a try. It’s a very yes-first culture.

What’s your favorite pastime or hobby?

I love to travel. Anywhere with a beach is always at the top of my list, but the bucket list of dream spots is ever-growing!

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