Marybeth Gray

Marybeth Gray

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Marybeth has spent more than 25 years in the employee benefits field as an advocate working to help employers put health care within reach of every employee and has continually reduced costs for employers and their employees. She currently serves as a Senior Vice President of Health and Welfare Consulting with Trion, a Marsh McLennan Agency supervising the overall account management for her clients, specializing in utilization and data management to understand key cost drivers.

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Health costs are second only to payroll as a business expense. The goal of our five-person team is to become an extension of your HR department and factor meaningfully into your information decision-making and in the growth of your business.

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Marybeth’s strategic approach to every case coupled with her vast knowledge of the industry contribute to the remarkable success she has had saving money for her clients while enhancing the quality of health care for their employees. Together with her team, Marybeth has saved clients millions of dollars with an approach that not only breaks down current actions, but helps employers understand what’s coming next. Read our Insights interview with Marybeth to learn more about her perspective.

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