MMA MarketLink

All The HR Tools You Need In One Integrated Platform

Our proprietary MMA MarketLink platform supports your business objectives and employees with a user-focused experience that offers much more than just annual enrollment services.


MMA MarketLink Offers:

One, easy-to-use platform with self-service portals for the employer and employees:

  • Annual and new hire enrollment
  • Carrier-ready billing
  • Spending Account and COBRA Administration
  • Affordable Care Act Reporting:
    • IRC Sections 6055 and 6056 Reporting
    • Look-Back Measurement Period Calculations
    • Form W-2 Reporting
    • Summary of Benefits and Coverage Participation
    • Employee Notice of Exchange Distribution
    • Automatic Enrollment
  • Payroll Integration

Benefits Service Call Center

Expert assistance from our Employee Advocates :

Here to answer employee questions, accept benefits elections. and interact I with carriers to support your employees-allowing your internal HR team to I focus on their important day-to-day functions rather than be bombarded with questions about individual benefits questions (especially around Open Enrollment!). Standard wellness integration allows employees to

  • Track and store data from their wearable devices (e.g., Fitbit)
  • Engage in a variety of program modules, community challenges and social collaboration – all the elements that research shows makes a difference for them and your company.

Inactive and Benefits Ineligible Population Solution:

MMA Marketlink Individual Exchange is a great option for retirees,
COBRA-qualified beneficiaries, part-time and variable hour employees who seek an alternative to traditional options and value a more seamless approach to getting the access to services they need, while meeting the requirements of the ACA.