Retirement Services

Retirement Services

Retirement services

As a plan fiduciary, we focus on attainable goals for every retirement plan.

  • Mitigate Plan Sponsor Risk
  • Minimize Fees and Expenses
  • Provide “Best in Class” Investment Options
  • Increase Plan Participation
  • Improve Participant Outcomes
  • Improve Financial Well-Being

We provide unique tools and expertise to exceed expectations:

Compliance and Regulatory Updates

In-house ERISA counsel to keep you informed and help you remain complaint

World-class Investment Analytics

Ensure best-in-class investment options

Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX®)

Certified fiduciary process mitigates risk and improves outcomes

Mergers & Acquisitions

Experts in plan consolidation solutions for M&A

Employee Communications

Create campaigns to get and keep your employees engaged

Plan Design Optimization

Experienced insights to maximize plan efficiency and effectiveness

Fiduciary Vault

Electronically stores and safeguards plan documents and archives critical Committee decisions

Financial Wellness Solutions

On-line tools, webinars, and videos to promote retirement readiness

Retirement Plan Specialists

Our associates each average 20 years of experience in the retirement plan market

Defined Benefits Plan Investment Management

Assist in funding or de-risking DB plans

RFP, RFI, Benchmarking, and Negotiation

Ensures reasonable fees and proper financing strategies

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation and Executive Benefit Plans

Customized for your workforce

Our Fiduciary Process – The Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence

There is only one consolidated, well-substantiated list of fiduciary best practices in the country; the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. This standard has been established by The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence – CEFEX®. CEFEX® Certification is based on ISO principles and auditing methodology. Our process has earned CEFEX® certification, ensuring adherence to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. This certification is updated through an annual review.

Independent. Experienced. Trusted.