Texas Employee Benefits

Texas Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Services For Texas Businesses

Texas Employee BenefitsFull of new red tape and government regulations, the world of health care benefits has become more and more complex. Fortunately MMA Texas has the knowledge needed to navigate the changing health care landscape and offer strategic, cost-effective employee benefits programs.

The Texas MMA team can review your current benefits program, and design a strategic plan that addresses your priorities and your reduces risk.  This can be accomplished while lowering costs and boosting employee morale. Our longstanding connections with major insurance carriers allow us to deliver an extensive range of providers, networks, premium levels and plan designs.

Beyond recommending the right Texas employee benefits coverage and cost control strategies, we understand your need for knowledgeable counsel on the Affordable Care Act and its mandates. MMA Texas will ensure you are backed by a team of compliance and actuarial consultants who monitor and analyze the implications of the Affordable Care Act. They will help you determine the financial impact on your business and put a proactive plan in place to ensure you are ACA compliant.

Strategic Initiatives and Planning: We hold focused discussions to understand the full picture of your business environment to develop a multi-year strategy that uses basic and advanced tactics to manage your benefits programs and your costs.

Forensic Financial Underwriting: Using data from carriers’ wellbeing, disease and care management program, our underwriters provide informative and actionable evaluations minimizing exposure to unforeseen and unpredicted financial risk. We have deep technical, financial and underwriting expertise that allows us to provide our clients with the most effective financial arrangements.

Vendor Management: We operate as an extension of your team, negotiating on your behalf to achieve the best possible terms for all your benefits program vendors, and then provide support throughout the implementation process and ongoing services, continually seeking opportunities for improvement and enhanced services.

Annual Renewal Management: Yearly re-evaluation of your programs and plans resulting in customized recommendation for the most effective approach for plan renewals.

For Texas employee benefits programs that work to your business’ advantage, contact MMA to schedule a complimentary insurance consultation.