Erie Employee Benefits Communication

erie employee benefits communicationOur team of experienced writers, designers, creative thinkers, and strategists from diverse backgrounds – including employee benefits, consumer branding, publishing, marketing, journalism, academia, the creative arts, and social media – is dedicated to helping you educate, inspire, and empower your employees.

Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals by engaging your employees in understanding their employer-sponsored benefits. And we “get” benefits. Our specialists are artful in translating the language of benefits and insurance into clear, meaningful messages for any audience, facilitating Erie employee benefits communication for teams of any size.

With many awards from reputable industry associations, we continue to receive professional accolades for our work; however, our greatest reward is successfully educating your employees and helping you achieve your business objectives. We partner with organizations in all industries, and of all sizes, to educate, engage, and energize employees when it comes to their benefits. Our services include:

Custom Erie Employee Benefits Communication Treatments

We specialize in creating custom Erie employee benefits communication campaigns from start to finish. We work collaboratively to understand your culture, employee needs, organizational goals, challenges, and desired outcomes and then develop a communication plan tailored to each of these elements. Depending on those needs, our fully customized approach may include:

  • In-depth evaluation of existing communications approaches
  • Development of a comprehensive communications plan focused on improved outcomes
  • Campaign design, implementation, and management (from content, branding, graphics, and production through printing, fulfillment, and distribution)
  • Creation and execution of an employee-listening program to understand employee preferences and perceptions, which we then use to guide future communications outcomes measurement to monitor the effectiveness of programs

Semi-Custom Treatments

Each of our toolkits is a ready-made communications campaign that can be customized with your resources and branding.

  • Next Stop Wellness Toolkit inspires employees to take a more active role in their health and connects them to employer- and carrier-sponsored health and wellness programs.
  • Benefits Basics Toolkit breaks health care down to the basics, so that employees can better understand, appreciate and use the benefits offered to them by their employers.
  • Open Enrollment Toolkit walks employees through the enrollment process and the benefit options available to them.
  • Affordable Care Act Toolkit helps employees understand what health care reform means for them.
  • Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) Toolkit walks employees through the basics of this type of plan and how it helps them take charge of their health care spending.
  • Private Exchange Toolkit explains the concept of a private exchange and empowers employees to choose the benefits that best meet their needs.

“Design-only” Services

With our design-only services, you provide the content, we provide the design. Design typically accounts for a significant portion of a project’s cost, making this an attractive option when your budget doesn’t allow for a soup-to-nuts campaign.

A DIY solution!

For organizations with robust internal communications resources, we offer a strategic planning product, much like a Do It Yourself (DIY) solution. We meet with you to understand your audiences and communications goals; then develop a strategic plan, including tactics, media, and messaging, that you can implement on your own or with assistance from our team.