Marybeth Gray Events

Marybeth Gray Events

Join Marybeth at her upcoming speaking sessions, events, and webinars.

Webinar | Top 10 Strategies for 2025 to Lower Health Care Costs

July 30, August 13, September 9, 2024 | 1-1:45 pm

Pharmacy is driving trend, what can you do about it? Focusing on adherence could result in $2,000 + PMPY. Adding Pharmacogenomics to your health plan can ensure our members are on the right drug the first time, reducing cost and increasing quality in the path of treatment. Join us to hear these tactical ways to lower cost and add value into the health plans that are one of US Employers largest business expense.

Conference | Benefits Fingerprint: Creating Plans to Fit Each Employee

August 26, 2024 | 10:45-11:45 am

Marybeth will be speaking on employee benefits at the upcoming HR Florida Conference & Expo in Orlando.