Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice

Our Pharmacy Practice is here to help you evaluate and manage your program by providing end to end support.

Pharmacy Practice and Rx Coalition

Estimates say specialty drugs will account for half of the total US drug spend by 2020, even though only 1% to 2% of people use them. Add to this a changing marketplace with mega mergers between Payors and PBMs, more calls for transparency, including evaluating the impact of rebates on overall pricing, and new emerging treatments at $1 million cost. Employers are stuck in the middle seeking help controlling costs, while offering their members medicines they need, at affordable cost sharing.

The Marsh McLennan Agency Pharmacy Practice helps employers and group purchasing organizations evaluate their program and, on average, save at least 15% off their current pharmacy spend.

Image of specialty drugs and our Pharmacy Practice statistics. 61% of employers list specialty drug cost as their #1 concern. 63% Total 5 year trend for specialty drugs. 15% average savings off current Rx Spend is achieved through our Pharmacy Practice.

Full-service pharmacy management

The Marsh McLennan Agency Pharmacy Team has the expertise to help manage your prescription drug program. We help you manage your entire program, providing end to end
support including:

  • Implementation support from benefit design to clinical onboarding to formulary, network, and channel decisions.
  • Communications assistance to manage change and engage members.
  • Contract Compliance including contract review, negotiation reconciliation of guaranteed rebates and discounts achieved, performance guarantee review, and annual Market Check rights.
  • Trend insights and analysis, including clinical insights on plan performance and formulary management strategies.

Why Marsh McLennan AgencyRx?

The Marsh McLennan AgencyRx Coalition is a strategic alliance between both Marsh McLennan Agency and our Rx coalition partners — Express Scripts and OptumRx.

  • Your firm can get the collective purchasing power of a 100,000-life group with market-leading PBM firms.
  • Our savings are achieved through lower administrative costs, better guaranteed discounts, and greater guaranteed rebates.
  • Employers retain autonomy and control over their plan design and financing arrangement with choices between traditional, transparent, and rebate reinvestment pricing models.
  • We renegotiate our Marsh McLennan AgencyRx Coalition contracts each year and our clients benefit from any improvements with our aggressive Market Check rights.

The prescription for savings

Managing pharmacy benefits has never been more complicated. With CAR-T drugs, gene therapies, orphan drugs, drug couponing, and more members being treated for chronic conditions, you need to partner with experts to help control your spend.

Let our team help you understand all the strategic levers you can pull to control costs.

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