Well-being Your Way

Well-being Your Way

Well-being Your Way

Proprietary tools, models, turnkey communications, toolkits, and templates to power your well-being program.

A healthy workforce produces healthier performance

In addition to your company’s core benefits, it has become essential for the best companies to offer programs that support their employees’ overall well-being. Our program, Well-being Your Way, allows us to provide more tools and resources for you to take advantage of based on your business needs. We believe in going beyond just the physical components of health and instead offer a more holistic solution that recognizes the four facets that impact our overall well-being.

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What is whole person well-being?

We work with clients to develop and implement actionable strategies that incorporate all dimensions of an individual’s well-being to spark engagement at work and let them grow outside of the workplace personally and professionally. The combination helps employees reach their full potential.

Financial Well-being

Social Well-being

Physical Well-being

Mental Well-being

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Dimension of well-being playbooks

At MMA, we’ve found the best strategies for health and well-being programs are ones that address whole person health. These playbooks are designed to provide you with foundational elements to consider as you build an effective well-being initiative.

Our process

Marsh McLennan Agency takes a multi-faceted approach to delivering a balanced well-being program.

Graphic of Step 1 of our process. Step 1 Evaluate your current well-being management profile to determine the appropriate strategy model.
Graphic of Step 2 of our process. Step 2 Assess your existing initiatives and plan performance.
Graphic of Step 3 of our process. Step 3 Define a multi-year strategy that will achieve expected results.
Graphic of Step 4 of our process. Step 4 Select the best vendors.
Graphic of Step 5 of our process. Step 5 Develop impactful branding and communications strategies.
Graphic of Step 6 of our process. Step 6 Measure performance to make sure programs are moving the dial in the right direction.

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