Technology to The Rescue: How to Leverage Tech to Win The Race For Talent

May 5, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of technology in the workplace and how it can be used to adapt to change quickly and efficiently. With work from anywhere booming, many companies utilized technology to keep business moving during the pandemic and continued to experience growth.

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Here are three ways your company can benefit from leveraging technology to attract talent, reduce compliance risk and create community in your workplace.


Attracting talent

Is your company one of many struggling to attract and retain talent? In January 2022 there were 11.3 million job openings, 6.5 million hires and 6.1 million separations, according to the Department of Labor’s latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey. Recruiting technology can play a major role in attracting talent and then providing a clear and streamlined onboarding. Ideally your new hire onboarding process should be a quick as possible and keep them engaged with all the great things your company has to offer. Employees should have portals that allow them to easily access pay information, navigate time off and set up their 401K. A series of pre-built system navigation training videos can take the pressure off of your HR staff and guarantee new hires complete all required training activities.

Supporting your HR teams with creative technologies can be the difference between having a job ad that is overlooked and one that attracts the best talent. Utilizing text to apply for jobs and having integration into outlook to easily see availability to schedule an interview are just two ways to make your firms job application process more appealing to the next generation.

Finally, apps like Calm or Headspace, lifestyle portals like Fringe and communication apps like Ingaged all speak to how employers are using these services from a technological perspective to deliver the new realities, increase the employee experience and attract/retain talent.

Reducing risk for compliance

Once you’ve hired a new employee it’s important to capture the right information to avoid penalties. For larger organizations, leadership is often removed from the hiring process and may not be aware of violations until the CFO sees mounting costs attributed to disorganized onboarding. Technology can help streamline and reduce the risk for these compliance violations.

Technology can also assist with speedy background checks to make sure you don’t lose out on talent or hire someone who’s not the right fit, as well as helping to ensure all new employees promptly complete their required forms, including the Form I-9. If an I-9 audit is triggered, organizations can face up penalties ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars based on the number of the offenses.*

Creating community

Organizations are concerned that employees will not have the sense of community that once flourished in a traditional in-person office environment. To create connected spaces, while maintaining a flexible work from home schedule, employers are utilizing ‘community’ features within their technologies. Hubs where employees can share hobbies, chat features in Microsoft Teams or Slack or virtual book clubs and other interest groups are all ways employees are staying connected virtually using technology.

The employee experience and listening space is another growing sector. Listening space includes integrated platforms that allow organizations to check-in with their employees such as surveys, portals and training. Survey technology is an easy, cost effective way to determine what resources need to be spent to improve work place culture and retention.

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I’d love to hear how your organization is using technology to overcome challenges in the workplace or where you think you need to improve. Share your thoughts with me at [email protected].


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