Carlozo’s Corner

Carlozo’s Corner

Carlozo’s Corner

Welcome to Carlozo’s Corner! I’m Anthony Carlozo, a client executive at Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA), the employee benefits division of Marsh. At MMA, I work with organizations of all sizes to help them minimize their risk and maximize the value of their benefits programs. Here I’ll be sharing insights about a current market trend and the strategies I’m seeing employers adopt to adapt to today’s evolving business landscape. Please reach out to me at [email protected] or by phone at +1 856-220-8458 with any thoughts, comments, or questions.

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Resources for Nativating The Cyber Security Landscape

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Employers are increasingly recognizing the unique make up of their organization, not just in regard to the mental well-being of their employees, but across the many facets related to diversity

The Importance of Supporting the Mental Health of Your Workforce

The subject of mental health goes beyond the professional realms and into everyday life for many individuals and their families. This has been a topic of discussion for employers for

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Cost savings is often the first focus of my conversations with financial leaders because health care benefits are one of the largest expenses a company faces. In 2022, this is

How to Manage Workforce Demands and Enhanced Benefits

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